Welcome to our website. Here you will  find everything that you need  from the  beehive and at really great prices. We have both natural and white beeswax, bee pollen, propolis,  royal jelly and of course pure Texas honey.  Just click on our shopping cart link and take a look at all of our products. We have also added Carnauba Wax to our line of products for our candle and polish makers.


All of our pure 100% USA produced beeswax is pressure filtered down to 1 micron assuring you the absolute cleanest around and bulk wholesale prices starting at only $3.00lb. How fine is one micron? A single grain of pollen is around 20 microns. For 500 pound and up beeswax orders please e-mail us for pricing quote. Remember to include your zip code and the amount for a complete quote. What can you do with Beeswax? Take a look at our Beeswax Uses page.


If you are local Southeast Texan, or plan to visit the Beaumont area, you can pick up our honey at Beaumont Farm And Ranch located at the corner of Major and College.

We are always looking for new  locations to place our bee yards. If you live in Southeast Texas and you would like to have up to 50 hives on your property let us know if you are interested.

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