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Honey Bee Biology

Beekeeping Organizations

American Honey Producers Association - The American Honey Producers Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the common interest and general welfare of the American Honey Producer.

American Bee Federation - National association of Beekeepers.

International Bee Research Organization - IBRA aims to increase awareness of the vital role of bees in the environment and encourages the use of bees as wealth creators.

American Apitherapy Society - a non-profit membership organization devoted to advancing the investigation and promoting the use of honey bee products to further good health and to treat a variety of conditions and diseases. - Beekeeping Database Net Resources. - Automated extracting lines.

Bee Source- Online sourcebook for beekeeping.

Glenn Apiaries - Dedicated to breeding honeybees for high honey production and disease resistance. We provide instrumentally inseminated queen bees for stock improvement and research.

Gilroy Beekeepers Association - You'll find a wide range of information about the association and about honeybees and beekeepers at this site.

Beekeeping Supplies


- Great source for information on honeybees. Also sells beekeeping equipment as well.

Betterbee - Beekeepers serving beekeepers.

Apiaries of Montana

Brushy Mountain Bee Equipment

Buckeye Bee

Dadant and Sons

Glory Bee

Jones Bee Company - Utah

Luckiamute Bee

Miller Bee Supply

Mitegone - Formic acid pads

Walter T. Kelley Company

Western Bee Supply

Del Business Forms - Labels

Maneci - Automated packing machines

Sheriff Bee Suits


Thornes - UK

Personal Sites

Sleeping Bear Farms Gourmet Honey Collection - online catalog of honey and maple products

The Pollination Home Page - Your portal to pollination information and images

Kutik's Honey Farm - NY and SC Honey and Nucs for sale.

Beekeeping Software - Beekeeping and pollen data software




Research sites

Baton Rouge Bee Lab

Beltsville Bee research Laboratory

Carl Hayden Bee Research Center - Tucson

University of Georgia Honeybee Program

Logan Bee Lab - Utah

The Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium

Rothenbuhler Honey Bee Laboratory - Ohio State Univ. Bee Breeding Program

University of Nebraska - Beekeeping and Apiculture


Naturally mated Italian queens

Kona Queen Hawaii, Inc.

P.O. Box 768, Captain Cook, HI 96704
  Tel: 808-328-9016, Fax: 808-328-9460




Canadian Honey Council - Wonderful website with loads of beekeeping info. - Allen Dick's homepage. lots of great info.

Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association - Our site is dedicated to providing information for visitors and SBA Members.

Planetbee - sells pure Canadian, natural raw honey, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly and beeswax candles.





North Shropshire Beekeepers Association

Cleveland Beekeepers Association - We are a friendly, thriving association of around 40 beekeepers living in the Cleveland, North Yorkshire and County Durham areas of the North East of England.